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A community driven platform sanctioning people of all backrounds to true financial freedom. TST was built with love to emphasize community, trust, and healthy innovation. The $TST token is our equilibrium. The smart contract was built on the Binance blockchain with great tokenomics and anticipation. With locked liquidity and a fully transparent and innovative team, $TST is a very safe and beneficial token to hold

It aims to be the currency of use of the freelance community


TST - This True Token

TST was released on Dec 12 2021
  • 1300 trillion circulating on charts is fake, check Binance Smart Chain
    The Charts are not considering the Burning
  • For sale 1 %
  • Team 0.0000006%
  • The initial burn will be 5% at launch, hours later 15% and to end the day 25%
  • Burn every day for one year
  • Max supply 1300 trillions 99% Burn
  • Total burn to date more than 50%
  • The biggest pump in history
  • No rebase, only super burn!

Game In Development, Release Soon !!




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TST Road Map

Tst roadmap is a living document that emphasizes goals the community aims to hit to continue rapid and decentralized development and future outlook!

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